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Process Integration - How We Work

The Mekfab team will handle your project from planning through implementation, resulting in less down time.

All projects are not created equal Mekfab understands that every project is different. With our initial four step process integration we can see the project as a whole, and begin to understand all of the unique steps required to complete the work on time and on budget.


Planning is imperative to the success of every project. It may be as simple as a conversation about timeline and budget, or as detailed as an hour-by-hour completion goal list. However without planning we're setting ourselves and our customers up for failure - and that's unacceptable. The planning process will include insight from our team of experts to troubleshoot, foresee challenges and strategize opportunities. If we're fabricating to set standards like ASME, those requirements will be discussed during this stage. Engineering firms and other partners will be consulted as appropriate.


Then our team of talented custom fabricators and tradespeople go to work fabricating your project to the agreed upon standards. They will meet with the project manager to be briefed on the project and lend their ideas based upon past experience.


Our various teams of talented tradesmen will be on the job installing your equipment. These high-caliber teams perform great under pressure. They understand that down time is lost revenue and strive to get your team back up and running without sacrificing quality or safety.


Our job isn't complete until we've tested the equipment and know it will perform as expected. We do as much testing and validation as possible in our fabrication facilities to reduce expensive start-up failures.